You are reading this for one or two reasons. (1) You care about your Bottom line and/or (2) you care about the health and well being of your team members.

Behavioral Health Financial Wellness is a critical component to improving your bottom-line, while improving the health of your employees.

Here are the facts:

Finances are the number one cause of reported Stress; your Bottom line is affected as employees waste 16 to 20 hours per month on the job worrying about Personal Finances; which takes away from productivity.

The financial Crisis of the last few years has been tough on a lot of families including some of your employees. Measurement of stress on Financial Health is becoming more and more clear.

Our Affordable Corporate Financial Wellness Program will give your team members Peace, Encouragement and hope. By cutting sleep Problems in half, for example, you will improve attendance. Peace in Finances can also reduce Health Care Costs. Studies show, aliments such as ulcers are increased by almost 400% when Financial Stress is Present.

Study’s show that Financial Education has an effect on Your bottom-line

Those employees who receive some financial education reduce healthcare costs by 10%, whereas those employees receiving heavy financial education reduce healthcare costs by 20%.

Those who use our Financial Wellness Programs become focused, engaged and motivated when using our products and services like the My Money Wellness Portal, Live Seminars and the One-on-one financial coaching. To reach the 20% area of health care savings you need to have the holistic Approach.

You may have a Financial Advisor or a 40lK administrator who come in to share the importance of savings, proper asset allocations and planning for the future and that’s great! But, the bottom line is that people know they need to save and plan. One knowing that they need to save and plan is not the root problem. We compliment the advisors by enhancing the education component and incorporating the behavioral change element.

So, whether you care about your bottom line, or you care about the health and well being of your team members or if you care about both, Taras the Bull is hear to help!

Call us today to get more information about our Affordable Corporate Financial Wellness Program.

• Complements your retirement education program
• Reduces healthcare costs
• Changes long-term financial behavior
• Allows employees to work at their own pace
• Boost Morale
• Reduce Absenteeism
• Increase Employee Retention
• Increase Work Force Stability
• Increase Productivity.

Employee’s benefit
• Eliminate debt
• Save Money
• Manage Income
• Prepare for Retirement
• Reduce Stress