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Stop living pay check to pay check and stop struggling to make ends meet. The average family eliminates $5,300 in debt while saving $2,700 within 3 months of Personal Finance coaching. 70% of Americas struggle to make ends meet. Become one who breaks the odds. More info...

The Mission

Helping people win with their money and helping people raise their kids by utilizing biblically based common sense approaches.

What’s in it for me????

Learn to make your money behave by following a time tested, proven step by step process of becoming debt free and staying debt free.

Stop living pay check to pay check and stop struggling to make ends meet. The average family eliminates $5,300.00 in debt while saving $2,700 within 3 months of Personal Finance Coaching. 70% of Americans struggle to make ends meet no matter how much or how little their income. If you are sick and tired of making money mistakes and you feel like your money disappears each month, yu are not alone. GET a Personal Finance Coach today!!!

Stop arguing with your spouse about money a learn to get on the same page with your spouse financially.

Eliminate the stress that comes from financial problems.

Learn to create an emergency fund so you will never need to borrow money again. You will learn 7 baby steps that you will utilize that will guide you along in systematic approach of budgeting, saving for retirement, paying for your childrens college, pay off your house early and living like no one else.

Change your family tree.

Taras the Bull offers a clear path to financial peace of mind. We are helping our clients pay off thousands in debt and build the secure financial future they desire. Using sound, time-tested principles, we have helped hundreds of individuals and families just like you learn how to:

  • finacial_freedom3Live debt-free
  • Accomplish “impossible” financial goals
  • Make the most of every dollar
  • Eliminate money fights in marriages
  • Plan for retirement
  • Send the kids to college
  • Throw out the word “budget”
  • Understand insurance and investments
  • Deal with creditors


Unlike most “Personal Financial Advisors/Planners”, we don’t sell investments, insurance, or other financial products. This allows us to be your advocate, offering objective advice with only your best interest and no sales in mind.  Our goal is to educate our clients. Taras the Bull has the heart of a teacher.  He will listen, gather information and offer solutions!

Taras the Bull guarantees your success if you are coachable.  Your coaching includes our unique 100% Satisfaction Promise: You must diligently follow our coaching recommendations for 3 months. If you don’t experience the improvement we show you is possible, and you have faithfully worked your plan — then you decide your appropriate fee!

Taras the Bull will meet with you one-on-one to develop and implement your customized financial plan, coaching you through debt elimination and wise financial management to a more abundant future.

Taras the Bull does Crisis Financial Coaching.  He understands, that things can become difficult at times and can leave you feeling helpless and hopeless.  Taras the Bull crisis coaching will help you address your current financial challenges and develop a plan to meet your basic living necessities every month.  Taras the Bull will teach you how to meet unexpected events by saving and will provide you hope for greater control in your life.

This plan will give you a solid foundation for your financial situation. It will provide you with a monthly financial plan to direct you on how to control your financial future and teach you the priorities for your income.

Our programs are designed to be easily affordable, even if you are in financial crisis mode. During 3 months of our Financial Coaching program you will easily recoup your investment, effectively making the program free..   To schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation call 888.975.BULL, today!!

Our Program is designed for anyone with excessive consumer debt, behind on payments or in a financial crisis. The initial session is approximately 2 hours and includes developing a spending plan that works, as well as working with any special needs such as bankruptcy, dealing with creditors, etc. This program includes unlimited  emails and unlimited phone support for 3 months, plus copies of our financial tools with your working budget preprogrammed and ready to go. You will leave with a clear action plan to get out of debt, build an emergency fund and move forward making wise financial decisions in life.


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