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Premarital Financial Coaching

Money fights and financial stress is always leading the statistic charts of reasons why marriages end in divorce. It is a shame that money has that much control over a marriage. Taras the Bull wants to help you eliminate one of the top reasons why marriages end in divorce. Our Premarital Coaching will:

  1. Teach couples how to relate with money with your different personality types.
  2. Help each other see the opposite sexes’ view of finances, and use those differences to win with money.
  3. Taras the Bull will create a newly combines cash flow plan to transition into marriage creating a firm financial foundation.
  4. Create a financial plan for the rest of your lives together.

In marriage, it is critical that both people are on the same page financially; this will dramatically help reduce money fights.

Our programs are easily affordable, even if you are currently facing a financial crisis. Within 3 months in our Financial Coaching program you will easily recoup your investment, effectively making the program free. Call Taras the Bull today to schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation – FREE!

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