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Relating Income and Education

  • Young Adults will understand how career choice, education, skills, entrepreneurship, and economic conditions affect income.
  •  Young Adults will understand the sources of income and alternative resources.
  •  Young Adults will explain how income affects lifestyle choices and spending decisions.
  •  Young Adults will explain how taxes and employee benefits are related to disposable income.

Money Management

  • Young Adults will demonstrate the ability to use money management skills and strategies.
  • Young Adults will understand the purpose of this and services the financial institutions.
  • Young Adults will develop a financial vision based on an explanation of personal values.
  • Young Adults will understand the history, purposes, roles, and responsibilities related to taxation.
  • How credit works  and the importance of staying out of debt.
  • Planning, saving and investing.
  • They will learn to become a critical consumer.
  • They will learn community and financial responsibility.


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