When it comes to investing make your decisions based on MATH not emotions. If you have not noticedd there has been a hugh sell-off on the stock. market. People are becoming nervous and really don’t know what to do.

1. Should I pull my money off the stock market before the market goes down even lower and I loss anymore money?

2. Should I leave my money alone?

3. Should I buy more stocks because stock prices are declining?

I recommend, if you don’t need the investment cash for at least 5 years then leave your investments in the stock market in place. and continue to contribute towards your retirement plans.

Remember: In the stock market you do not lose any money until you pull your money out of the stock market. This is not advise but my long-term strategy is to continue to contribute monies towards your retirement and contiue to buy mutual funds on the stock market.

I learned in the ” Great Recession” that the US Economy is extremely resilent. Within only two (2) years of the “Great Recession” the stock market had already bounced back and recorded gains in the stock market.

The Stock Market is where you park your Retirement Money. When I speak of the stock market, I am speaking of growth stock mutual funds. Mutual funds are a compilation of stocks. In a mutial fund you are investing in hundreds of stocks mitigating the risk of losing your entire investment.

An individual stock can leave you extremly vulnerable. THINK about it, if you invest in a single stock and if that single stock goes down in value then all of your investment can be lost in that single stock if you sold that stock. In mutual funds, you are diversified; spreading your monies on the stock market over hundreds of companies. So, if one of the companies in your mutual fund is decreasing; the sky all of a sudden is not falling because there is more security in having hundreds of stocks than only having all your investment monies invested in one individual stock on the stock market.

Do some research. You’ll find that since the inception of the US stock market, the stock market has gained YTD more than 18 percent.