You see the ads in the newspaper, magazines on TV and on the internet.  You also hear them on the radio.  You may get email blasts, fliers on your door steps evening phone calls with people claiming you can repair your credit by using their credit repair system. Don’t believe them.

Remove Bankruptcies, remove liens and judgments, add trade lines to your credit report giving you a higher credit score.    Be carefully, ads promising to get rid of bad debt and bad credit and even promises to create a new credit identity legally may really be offering bankruptcy, not credit repair.

Do yourself a favor and save yourself some money. DO NOT BELIEVE THESE CLAIMS!!!.  While ads promise debt relief by consolidating your bills into one monthly payment without borrowing; it can only be done legally with a BANKRUPTCY.  Although Bankruptcy is an option to deal with financial problems, it is considered the option of last resort; the worst case scenario.   A bankruptcy can remain on your credit report for 10 years with the option of being updated 3 times, so a Bankruptcy can actually remain for 30 years on your credit report.  So, a bankruptcy can have long-term negative effects on your creditworthiness.

Save yourself some money and a lot of frustration and headache. When you see ads that say they can erase your bad debt by credit repair they are more than likely, scams.

Try talking with a financial coach or counselor. A financial coach can help you put together a working plan to pay off your debt in a systematic way. A financial coach will walk with you and hold you accountable on creating an emergency fund and repaying your debts.  Remember: there is no quick fix for creditworthiness. You can improve and repair your credit legitimately but it takes time, a plan, sticking to your plan, and paying back the debt.   Credit Repair happens when you payback the money you borrowed.

A financial coach is a person that is unbiased and who will help you create a plan and will guide you to how to retire with dignity and who can help you legally repair your credit.