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About the Founder

Taras Collum

I grew up in improvised neighborhoods in Mississippi.  Food stamps and government assistance was the norm.  Money always ran out before the end of the month.   I remember, eating out of garbage cans; eating out of the garbage cans became normal. As a matter fact my grandmother used to bring  large bags of hamburgers that McDonald’s would throw away at the end of the night ; bags of doughnuts from doughnut shops who were throwing away day old doughnuts.

profile_about1I had an opportunity to move to San Diego California from Greenville Mississippi when I was age 15.   I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity the first time around; I didn’t want to leave my mother while still living in poverty.   The second opportunity came and my mom quietly encouraged me to go. That decision changed my life.

In San Diego, I was faced with a fork in the road; I had to do some soul-searching.  I could (1) continue with my unproductive life and questionable behavior or I  could (2)  Join the football team  and better utilize my God-given talent’s. I chose to play football. I eventually graduated high school then went on to play college football.  Through-out this process I kept  remembering my mom’s final words, “ make sure you get your college degree”. So I did.  I graduated the University of San Diego with a 3.2 overall GPA earning my bachelors degree in business administration.   Upon graduating USD, I relocated to Las Vegas to take advantage of the lucrative real estate and mortgage market.   So I worked in the real estate and mortgage industry for about 4 years.

During the “Great Recession” I was hired as a Banker.  After Banking,  I  got involved in the Home Care industry working with the developmentally disabled and the elderly population. To be more effective,  I decided to start my own group home for troubled teens.   So I ate  beans rice, rice and beans for lunch and dinner  for about 18 months in order to save the money to start the endeavor.    So here I am now helping people and their families learn how to use their money God’s way.  I love it because I get to help educate and teach people instead of selling products or services to customers that are not in their best interest.

I worked as a High School Teacher and taught moral foundations and personal finance to high school seniors getting reading to graduate.  I Also taught of young adults in  personal finance in my Church. I currently lead Financial Peace University (FPU) classes in my Church.

When you work with me, you are working with someone who has the experience, skills, knowledge and insight of climbing out of poverty through education and discipline and with tenacity and prayer. You are working with someone who genuinely care about people.  One who has empathy and understands money problems and how to overcome them.  Money is a tool. Learning to make your money behave will change your life and the lives of your children and of your children’s children;  changing your entire family tree.  Success is not success without succession.

Lastly, working with me you are working with someone who has actually started and run businesses; multiple businesses.  I’ve been in the  trenches daily. I Understand how to live on beans rice, rice and beans  in order to accomplish goals. I am available to coach you towards your goals and dreams so you can one day retire in dignity!!I

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